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Symbl APIs


Symbl APIs are built around RESTful interface (except for the Streaming API which is based on WebSocket protocol) and are served over secure HTTPS protocol.

Our REST APIs support all HTTP verbs (or methods, as they are referred to in REST APIs): POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE.

Symbl provides a suite of APIs for different usecases. Some of them are listed below:

    👉   Async APIs allow you to send text, audio or video conversations in recorded format.
    👉   Streaming APIs allow you to connect Symbl on a live call via WebSocket protocol.
    👉   Telephony APIs allow you to connect Symbl on an live audio conversation via SIP and PSTN.
    👉   Conversation API allows you to get Conversation Intelligence such as Sentiment Analysis, Action Items, Topics, Trackers, Summary and more.

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Base URL

All our APIs use the base URL as given below for all our services:
Labs URL

if you are accessing our Labs feature, you must use the base URL


Given below is a list of API endpoints and their corresponding services:

EndpointDescriptionSupported APIs
/v1/processProcesses text, audio, and video data.Async Text API
Streaming APIs
Telephony APIs
/v1/conversationsReturns the conversation object that provides Conversation Intelligence like Topics, Action Items, Questions, etc.Conversation API
/v1/jobReturns the status of the ongoing job request. Read more about jobId below.Job API
/v1/endpoint:connectConnects Symbl via Telephony APIs over PSTN or SIP protocols.Telephony API
/v1/manage BETAAccessing and managing various resources against your Symbl account.Management API
Trackers via Management API

API Parameters

We provide a host of mandatory and optional parameters that add robust insights to your Conversation Intelligence. For example, the optional parameter sentiment=true passed as a query param in the Conversation API (for transcripts or topics) provide sentiment analysis.

To standardize the structure of the requests, we allow parameters to be sent differently for different APIs.

Here's a list of how each of the APIs accept API parameters:

APIIn Request BodyAs Query Param
Async Text API
Async Audio File API
Async Audio URL API
Async Video File API
Async Video URL API
Conversation API
(for Sentiment, verbose, etc.)

Request and Response Format

Symbl APIs use standard HTTPS requests and responses. Our responses are returned in the standard JSON format.

For Transcript generation, we return a formatted transcript in Markdown and SRT format.