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Introduction to Async API

The Async API provides a REST interface which helps you to submit any recorded or saved conversations to Symbl.

When you submit a conversation, you'll receive a Conversation ID (conversationId), which is unique to your conversation.

Async API Diagram

conversationId helps you with:#

  1. Helps you append the transcription of an existing file using PUT (also known as append file) Async APIs.
  2. Using Conversation API you can receive Speech to Text data and conversational insights.

You have Async POST REST API to submit any conversation and Async PUT REST API to add/append more transcript to an existing conversationId.

Types of Async API's:#

Async Text#

It can process chats, emails , tweets, phone messages, etc.

  1. Async text: Helps you submit textual files.

Async Audio#

It can process calls from sales, telemedicine, lead generation, customer care, etc.

  1. Async Audio: Helps you submit audio files.
  2. Async Audio URL: Helps you submit audio file URLs.

Async Video#

It can process video calls from sales, telemedicine, lead generation, customer care, interviews etc.

  1. Async Video: Helps you submit video files.
  2. Async Video URL: Helps you submit video file URLs.