Pricing, billing, and account upgrade offers flexible pricing plans and self-service billing access for your account.

Pricing's pricing plans provide the flexibility to start for free, pay as you go, and earn discounts as your usage scales up:

  • Developer – Does not require a credit card and can be free forever within usage limits.
  • Pro – Is a pay-as-you-go plan with no usage commitment required.
  • Enterprise – Features customizable high-volume usage plans.

For current plans and details, see Pricing.


Billing for is managed through the

To access the Billing page, you need to log in to your account at

From the left navigation panel, click Billing. This page shows your voice and text usage to date with current balance, account level, and payment history.


Initial Billing View

If you are using the Developer plan, you are most likely to see the No payment history so far message.

If you are using the Pro or Enterprise plans, the Billing page displays your usage and payment method. For example:

Billing Usage and Payment Method

Billing Usage and Payment Method

If you have completed any billing cycles, you can also see your Payment History. For example:

Billing Payment History

Billing Payment History

Actions you can perform from the Billing page include:

  • Upgrade your account from Developer to Pro. To upgrade to an Enterprise plan, Contact Sales.
  • Add funds in the form of a credit card.
  • Change billing information such as address and credit card.

How to Upgrade your Account

You can upgrade your account at any time from the Billing page.

  1. Log in to your account at, then open the Billing page from the left navigation panel.

  2. Click Upgrade Now to upgrade to the Pro plan. You need to add credit card details and provide a billing address.

Account Upgrade to Pro

Account Upgrade to Pro

  1. Enter credit card information.

  2. Enter the name, email, and billing address associated with the credit card.

  3. Click Use this card to add the credit card and billing address to your account.

Wait for a success notification to confirm that your credit card has been successfully validated.

Edit credit card information

When you upgrade your account, the active payment method displays under the Usage panels.

The credit card panel shows your current payment method, identified by the last four digits of the credit card number. An Edit icon appears on the right side of the panel.

Current Payment Method View, Edit, Remove

Current Payment Method View, Edit, Remove

Click Edit to change any credit card details. Use the same steps described in the previous section to edit and save changes.

Remove credit card

If you want to remove an active credit card from your account, contact [email protected]. Note that you remain responsible for any outstanding charges on the account.

What’s Next

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