Call Progress Analysis provides Call Progress Analysis (CPA) in real-time. Our solution detects an answering machine with up to 98% accuracy.

The CPA solution uses automatic speech recognition to detect the presence and absence of speech and uses intent detection to differentiate voicemail messages from human speech. The solution also detects answering machine beeps so that you can accurately leave complete voicemails for your customers after the beep.

Use Cases

  • Increase call center agent efficiency and productivity. After a call is connected, quickly determine if it is an answering machine or a person. Save agent time by only transferring the calls that are picked up by a person and need agent input.
  • Improve customer experience by not delivering partial messages to voicemails. Accurate answering machine beep detection tells you exactly when to play the recorded message so that customers receive your entire message.
  • Enhance call center agent job satisfaction by minimizing uncertainty. Agents know when they are connecting to a person. Less agent frustration contributes to better employee retention and a positive workplace experience.
  • Lower the number of dropped calls by accurately and quickly transferring calls to agents when a person picks up the phone.

Features’s CPA solution consists of the following features:

  • Answering machine detection
  • Human voice analysis
  • Answering machine beep detection

The CPA starts listening as soon as you stream the audio over a WebSocket connection. If the call is connected to a computer-generated greeting, it is easily identified as an answering machine or service.

If the person has recorded their own voicemail greeting, we use intent detection technology to determine if the voice is a recorded greeting or a person answering the call.

We also provide beep detection to help synchronize the timing of your voicemail message, if you choose to leave one. offers high availability and scalability. Our system can scale to handle thousands of concurrent calls to provide highly accurate and low latency CPA.

Next Steps

CPA is only available for private cloud deployments. For more information about’s CPA solution, contact Sales.