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Conversational Analytics

Conversation Analytics is an understanding of conversation between two or more people to gain insights on customer behavior.

Key features of Analytics API#

Let’s take an example to understand this.

If John Sow and Arya Stalk are talking over the phone for 60 mins. John talked for 40 mins, Arya talked for 10 mins and for 10 mins no one spoke since John kept Arya on hold.

  1. Speaker Ratio: The Speaker Ratio will be 4:1 signifying that John spoke 4 times more than Arya.

  2. Talk time: Talk time per speaker will be 40 mins for Jon and 10 mins for Arya Stark.

  3. Silence: Silence will be shown as 10 mins.

  4. Pace: It signifies the speed of talking for the speaker. If John was speaking 100 words per minute the pace would be 100 wpm.

  5. Overlap in a Conversation: When John speaks over what Arya was speaking, it is counted as overlap. This might signify that John isn’t patient and is talking over Arya. Here we show the overlap percent of total conversation and overlap time in seconds.

Where can I find Conversational Analytics API?#

To see Conversational Analytics API in action, you need to process a conversation using Symbl. After you process a meeting, you'll receive a Conversation ID. A Conversation ID is the key to receiving conversational insights from any conversation. As an example, here's a simple API call which grabs the analytics from the conversation.

👉 Conversational Analytics API