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Any explicit question or request for information that comes up during the conversation, whether answered or not, is recognized as a question.


  • β€œWhat features are most relevant for our use case?”
  • β€œHow are we planning to design the systems?”

Key Features#

  • Recognition of questions pointed to someone.
  • Recognition of implicit questions.
  • Recognition of questions that are actionable in nature.
  • Ignoring chit chats - which are questions in nature but part of casual small- talks.

Questions API#

To see the Questions API in action, you need to process a conversation using Symbl. After you process a meeting, you'll receive a Conversation ID which is passed in Conversation API. A Conversation ID is the key to receiving conversational insights from any conversation. As an example, here's a simple API call which grabs the detected questions from the conversation.

πŸ‘‰ Questions API

Grab Questions#

Remember to replace the conversationId in the API call with the Conversation ID you get from the previous API call.

curl "$CONVERSATION_ID/questions" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $AUTH_TOKEN"