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GET Comprehensive Action Items

Symbl Labs

This feature is a part of the Symbl Labs. Symbl Labs is our experimental wing designed to share our bleeding edge AI research on human conversations with anyone who wants to explore its limits.

You can access the Labs features using your Symbl App Id and Secret. If you don't already have it, sign up on platform to get your credentials.

Note: The usage of data for Labs projects is stored for enhancing our research. We may continue to build, iterate, mutate or discontinue any of the below given features on the sole discretion of our team as deemed necessary.

For any queries or feedback, please contact us at

This API returns all the action items that are enriched with corresponding contexts.

HTTP Request#


Example API Call#


Before using the Conversation API you must get the authentication token (AUTH_TOKEN) from our authentication process.

curl "$CONVERSATION_ID/comprehensive/action-items" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $AUTH_TOKEN"

Response Body Sample#

"actionItems": [
"id": "4875991597973504",
"text": "Stella and John need to shift their focus more towards dev. John will go ahead and set up a discussion with product.",
"type": "action_item",
"score": 0.8735619108573252,
"messageRefs": [
"id": "5943054110294016"
"id": "4960777540730880"
"entities": [],
"phrases": [],
"from": {
"id": "10aa881e-4c70-4060-8886-66a5e5c9b788",
"name": "John",
"userId": ""
"definitive": true,
"assignee": {
"id": "10aa881e-4c70-4060-8886-66a5e5c9b788",
"name": "John",
"email": ""

Response Parameters#

idUnique identifier of the comprehensive action item.
textText of the comprehensive action item.
typeResponse type. Default is action_item.
scoreConfidence score of the generated action item. Value from 0 - 1.
messageRefs.idUnique identifiers of the corresponding messages from where the action item was derived. You may get multiple message IDs here as Symbl identifies all the relevant messages in the conversation and generates the required action item accordingly.
entitiesList of detected entity objects in the insight with type - entity type and text - corresponding text.
definitiveBoolean indicating if the action item is definitive or not.
phrasesList of detected phrases with type - phrase type and text - corresponding text. The action_phrase type represents the actionable part of an insight.
assigneeThis field contains the name and email of the person to whom the action item is assigned.