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GET Follow-Ups

This API returns list of all the follow-ups generated from the conversation.

This is a category of Action Items with a connotation to follow-up a request or a task like sending an email or making a phone call or booking an appointment or setting up a meeting.

HTTP Request#


Example API call#

curl "$CONVERSATION_ID/follow-ups" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $AUTH_TOKEN"


"followUps": [
"id": "4526427164639111",
"text": "We need to have the meeting today, and we're going to talk about how to run a product strategy Workshop is by Richard Holmes.",
"type": "follow_up",
"score": 0.8660254037851491,
"messageIds": [
"entities": [
"type": "date",
"text": "today",
"offset": 28,
"value": "2020-06-22"
"type": "person",
"text": "Richard Holmes",
"offset": 110,
"value": {
"name": "Richard Holmes"
"from": {},
"assignee": {},
"dueBy": "2020-06-22T07:00:00.000Z"

Response Object#

idUnique conversation identifier.
textConversation text.
typeResponse type. Default is follow_up.
scoreConfidence score of the generated topic. Value from 0 - 1.
messageIdsUnique message identifiers of the corresponding messages.
entitiesList of detected entity objects in the insight with type - entity type and text - corresponding text.
fromUser object with proprities name and email.
assigneeThis field contains the name and email of the person assigned to the follow-up.
phrasesList of detected phrases with type - phrase type and text - corresponding text. The action_phrase type represents the actionable part of an insight.