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The Conversation API provides a REST API interface for getting your processed Speech to Text data(also known as Transcripts) and Conversational Insights.

To view insights about a conversion, you must provide the API with a Conversation ID.

What's a Conversation ID?#

When you process any conversation through Symbl whether it's from Async API, Javascript SDK, Telephony or Streaming API, you'll always receive a unique Conversation ID (conversationId), which consists of numerical digits.


API Reference#

If you have a Conversation ID the Conversation API can help you:

  1. Conversation: Find the meeting name, member name and email, start and end time of the meeting, meeting type and meeting ID details.
  2. Delete Conversation: Delete a conversation and all related entities.
  3. Members: Find all members/participants from a conversation.
  4. Update Members: Update the unique speakers detected as members/participants.
  5. Message: Provide you with Speech to Text, Sentiments and Action Items in conversation.
  6. Topic: Provide you with important topics from a conversation.
  7. Action Items: Provides you with important action items from a conversation.
  8. Questions: Provides you with questions present in a conversation.
  9. Follow Ups: Provides you with follow-up requests said in a conversation.
  10. Analytics: Find speaker ratio, talk time, silence, pace and overlap in a conversation.
  11. Entities: Provides you with entities like location, person, date, number, organization, datetime, daterange, etc.