Update Members

Update an existing member in an conversation. This API can be used for updating the unique speakers detected as members from diarization as well.

To diarize/separate speakers in a single audio/video stream refer to the How-To Get Speaker Separated Transcripts - Diarization with Async API

For more details on identifying members by Speaker Events or Active Talker events in Real-time using Voice SDK - here.

For more details on identifying members by independent audio stream integration using Streaming API.

HTTP Request#

PUT https://api.symbl.ai/v1/conversations/{conversationId}/members/{id}

Example API call#

curl --location --request PUT 'https://api.symbl.ai/v1/conversations/{conversationId}/members/fc9b35cd-361f-41c6-9029-0944d21c7150' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'x-api-key: <valid-generated-token' --data-raw '{
"id": "fc9b35cd-361f-41c6-9029-0944d21c7150",
"email": "john@example.com",
"name": "John"

Request Body#

FieldRequiredTypeSupported ValuesDefaultDescription
idYesstringThe unique identifier of the member for this conversation. This can be retrieved from the members endpoint.
nameYesstringThe name of the member.
emailNostringThe email-id of the member. If specified this can be used to correctly identify and merge the existing user in case the conversation is appended with a new diarized conversation which has one or more same speakers as the conversation its being appended to.


"message": "Member with id: fc9b35cd-361f-41c6-9029-0944d21c7150 for conversationId: <conversationId> updated successfully! The update should be reflected in all messages and insights along with this conversation"

Response Object#

messageA description of the update. This message indicates that the member details have now been updated across the conversation for all the messages and action-items, follow-ups and questions. You can also get the updated member from the members endpoint.