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PUT Members Information

Update an existing member in an conversation. This API can be used for updating the unique speakers detected as members from diarization as well.

To diarize/separate speakers in a single audio/video stream refer to the How-To Get Speaker Separated Transcripts - Diarization with Async API

For more details on identifying members by Speaker Events or Active Talker events in Real-time using Voice SDK - here.

For more details on identifying members by independent audio stream integration using Streaming API.

HTTP Request#


Example API call#

curl --location --request PUT "$CONVERATION_ID/members/$MEMBER_ID" --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header "Authorization: Bearer $AUTH_TOKEN" --data-raw '{
"id": "'$MEMBER_ID'",
"email": "",
"name": "John"

Request Body#

FieldRequiredTypeSupported ValuesDefaultDescription
idYesstringThe unique identifier of the member for this conversation. This can be retrieved from the members endpoint.
nameYesstringThe name of the member.
emailNostringThe Email ID of the member. If specified, this can be used to correctly identify and merge the existing user in case the conversation is appended with a new diarized conversation which has one or more same speakers as the conversation its being appended to.


"message": "Member with id: <member-id> for conversationId: <conversationId> updated successfully! The update should be reflected in all messages and insights along with this conversation"

Response Object#

messageA description of the update. This message indicates that the member details have now been updated across the conversation for all the Messages and Action Items, follow-ups and questions. You can also get the updated member from the members endpoint.