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Symbl uses OAuth2.0 Protocol for Authentication. To receive API Credentials you need to create an account at Symbl Platform. Then you can use your Symbl credentials to generate the Access Token needed to make Symbl API calls.

Step 1: Get your API Credentials

To get your App ID and App Secret from the Symbl Platform:

  1. Log into Symbl Platform.

  2. From the home page, copy your App ID and App Secret.

    API Credentials

Keep your Credentials safe and private. You need these credentials to generate a Symbl API Access Token. You can retrieve your credentials from the home page at any time.

These credentials are required every time you generate the Access Token.

Step 2: Generate the Access Token

Once you have API Credentials, you can generate the Access Token and use it for API Authorization.

To generate the Access Token, make a POST request to the endpoint:

You must send your App ID and Secret in the request body as shown in the following examples:


The Node.js code works with Node.js 7+ and browsers. You need to install the request library for the Node.js sample code.

curl -k -X POST "" \
-H "accept: application/json" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d $'{
"type" : "application",
"appId": "'$APP_ID'",
"appSecret": "'$APP_SECRET'"

Alternatively, you can also generate the Token from Postman using the cURL command given above.

On successful completion, the success message appears as shown below:

"accessToken": "your_accessToken",
"expiresIn": 86400

accessToken - Token to be used for authorization in the Authorization header.

expiresIn - Duration in seconds after which the accessToken expires.

Any invalid appId or appSecret combination returns the HTTP 401 Unauthorized response.

You can now use this accessToken to authenticate yourself and use Symbl APIs.


expiresIn is the duration in seconds after which the Access Token expires. The default expiration time is 86400 seconds. You can generate the Token again after the expiration.

Regenerating Access Token

To maximize security, Symbl Access Tokens expire in a default duration of 86400 secs. After expiration, you can regenerate it using Step 2.

Note that once a token is generated with an initial expiration time of 86400, the system holds that in cache until it is near expiration. If you make a request to generate a token and there is still one cached, the system returns the token with the remaining expiration time.