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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe with

TL;DR: Yes

All data on the Symbl platform is encrypted and all connections are secured using 2048 bit AES encryption. Over the wire, data is encrypted using RSA 2048 bit keys. At rest, data is encrypted using AES-256.

We store transcripts, insights, and metadata of the conversation, which is persisted at Symblโ€™s end. All data access is logged and audited regularly. Logs are maintained for a minimum of 3 months and encrypted at rest. By default, we do not store audio recordings. In cases where storing is required, audio recordings are securely stored and encrypted at rest using 2048 bit RSA. Read More

How many concurrent API calls can I make?#

For trial, Streaming API has a limit of 2 concurrent connections, and Async APIs has a limit of 2 concurrent jobs. After you upgrade your account, it has a limit of 50 concurrent connections for Streaming API and 50 concurrent jobs for Async API. If you are looking to scale, and need more concurrent jobs than this limit, please contact us at

What is the maximum length of meeting duration the Async API supports?#

The API accepts files that are 4 hours or less in duration.

What audio formats and channels does Async Audio API support?#

The audio formats which we support are mp3, wav, amr, aac, ac3, aiff, flac, ogg, opus, .wma and m4a. Also, we support mono and dual-channel audio files.

If you have any other type of file and/or stereo audio, you need to first convert the file to the supported format to use the API.

What languages do you support for Async APIs?#

Our Async APIs support multiple popular languages. To see the complete list, go to the Languages Supported section.

What happens when the Speaker Diarization and Speaker recognition per Channel are both set to "True"?#

If the Diarization feature is set to true, it will take priority over Speaker recognition per Channel.