Process a conversation with Symbl's Streaming API

Using the Streaming API can provide a live speech-to-text transcription and extract follow-ups, topics, action-items, questions and intents from conversations as they unfold in real-time.

1. Get live streaming of Speech to Text from your device's microphone#

These examples use the Symbl Javascript SDK to connect to your device's microphone and process an audio stream in real. Here we will give you two separate guides: one for server-side implementation and one for client-side implementation. Both these guides do essentially the same thing.

Server-side implementation (Node.js)#

The server-side implementation uses Symbl's Javascript SDK and other Node.js packages to enable your device's microhpone which you can use for real-time speech-to-text transcription. You can view on the full example on GitHub.

Client-side implementation#

The client-side implementation can be ran entirely in your browser and use's your devices microphone which you can use for real-time speech-to-text transcription. When the code is ran the user will be prompted to allow permission for the browser to use their microhpone. You can view the full code example on GitHub.

2. How to get speech-to-text transcription from your conversations#

After you run execute the code above you should receive a Coversation ID (conversationId) in the response. A Conversation ID is the key to receiving conversational insights from any conversation. As an example, here's a simple API call which grabs the speech-to-text transcription from the conversation.

Grab speech-to-text transcription#

Remember to replace the conversationId in the API call with the Conversation ID you get from the previous API call.

curl "{conversationId}/messages" \
-H "x-api-key: $AUTH_TOKEN"

Example response#

"conversationId": "6690671572287488",
"jobId": "50c63f4f-8232-45d7-8ec5-5ad5d379f042"

3. Grabbing other conversational insights using Conversation API#

Here's more data you can grab with our Conversation API:

View conversation topics
Summary topics provide a quick overview of the key things that were talked about in the conversation.

View action items
An action item is a specific outcome recognized in the conversation that requires one or more people in the conversation to take a specific action, e.g. set up a meeting, share a file, complete a task, etc.

View follow-ups
This is a category of action items with a connotation to follow-up a request or a task like sending an email or making a phone call or booking an appointment or setting up a meeting.

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