How To use different languages and timezones with Symbl

This example shows how to use languages other than English and also how to pass in timezone in which the conversation is taking place. For languages: Currently the following languages are supported

['en-US', 'en-AU', 'en-GB', 'fr-CA', 'fr-FR', 'de-DE', 'it-IT', 'nl-NL', 'es-US', 'ja-JP']

The above are all BCP-47 standard language codes and currently ONLY 1 should be passed in the languages array as shown below. Support for detecting multiple languages in the same conversation will be added soon!

For timezone: Please refer to This

You can also use moment-timezone package to obtain a list of timeZones like the following const timeZones =

NOTE: If languages is NOT passed in the startEndpoint call the API will fallback to 'en-US'. If timezone is NOT passed the API will fall back to 'UTC'.

Getting started#

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Open .env file and add your APP_ID, APP_SECRET, SUMMARY_EMAIL. You can get APP_ID and APP_SECRET from

we will use symbl-node package.

const {sdk} = require('symbl-node')

Let's start by initialising symbl-node sdk

await sdk.init({
appId: process.env.APP_ID,
appSecret: process.env.APP_SECRET,
basePath: '',

Now start your endpoint and provide language and timezone properties:

const connection = await sdk.startEndpoint({
languages: ['ja-JP'],
timezone: 'Asia/Tokyo',