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Symbl SDK (Node.js)

The Programmable Javascript SDK allows you to add Conversational Intelligence directly into your web applications and meeting platforms. With the Javascript SDK, you can generate intelligent insights such as action items, topics and questions. Currently, the Symbl Javascript SDK only works with the Telephony API and Streaming API


First, start by installing our Javascript SDK:

$ npm install --save symbl-node


// APP_ID and APP_SECRET come from the Symbl Platform:
appId: APP_ID,
appSecret: APP_SECRET,
basePath: ''
.then(() => console.log('SDK Initialized.'))
.catch(err => console.error('Error in initialization.', err));

Import the SDK using the ES5 or ES6 way:

import { sdk } from 'symbl-node';


We have prepared a list of tutorials to help you understand how to use Symbl's Javascript SDK.

Telephony API Tutorials#

Streaming API Tutorials#

Code Snippets#

Telephony API Code Snippets#

Streaming API Code Snippets#

Javascript SDK Reference#

Supported methods and events for the Symbl Javascript SDK are listed below: