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Get Conversation Groups

In Beta Phase

This feature is in the Beta phase. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions please reach out to us at

This API allows you to fetch a Conversation Group.

To fetch multiple Conversation Groups, go to Get Multiple Conversation Groups section below.

API Endpoint#

Make a PUT request to the following API:


Request Headers#

Header NameRequiredDescription
AuthorizationMandatoryBearer <token> The token you get from our authentication process.
Content-Type Mandatoryapplication/json
x-api-keyOptionalDEPRECATED. The JWT token you get from our authentication process.

Path Parameters#

groupIdMandatoryUnique ID of the group created using Management API’s Create Group API endpoint.

Response Body#

The requested Group object is returned in the response body.

"group": {
"id": "4931769134481408",
"name": "Calls made by John",
"description": "All the conversations made by the agent John Doe are captured in this Group.",
"criteria": "conversation.metadata.agentId==johndoe"

Get Multiple Conversation Groups#

To get multiple Conversation Groups in a single call, make a GET request to the following API endpoint:

API Endpoint#



While working with multiple Conversation Groups, notice the use of plural groups versus group used in singular Conversation Group operations.