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Management API (Beta)

In Beta Phase

This feature is in the Beta phase. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions please reach out to us at

The Management API allows you to access and manage various resources against your Symbl account. The resources created and managed by this API is maintained at the account level.

While the Conversation API is used for managing the data associated with the conversations (generated via the Real-Time or Async APIs), the Management API is used for managing the data consumed via the Symbl’s APIs.

Supported Entities#

You can manage the following entities with the Management API:

  • Trackers: Trackers allow you to get “contextually similar” occurrences in a conversation so you can identify emerging trends and gauge the nature of the interactions. Read about Trackers and its capabilities, in the Trackers section.

Tracker Management APIs#

Following are the API endpoints supported for managing Trackers entity:

Create TrackerPOST v1/manage/tracker
Create Trackers in BulkPOST v1/manage/tracker
Get Tracker with IDGETv1/manage/tracker/{trackerId}
Get Tracker with nameGET v1/manage/trackers?&name={trackerName}
Update TrackerPUTv1/manage/tracker/{trackerId}
Delete TrackerDELETEv1/manage/tracker/{trackerId}