Process a conversation with Symbl's Telephony API

Using the Telephony API can provide a speech-to-text transcription and extract follow-ups, topics, action-items, questions and intents from conversations over the telephone.

1. Get a transcription of your Zoom call.#

This example uses the Symbl Javascript SDK to connect to a Zoom meeting and get a speech-to-text transcription of the call. Before you get started with this guide you must sign up as a developer for Symbl. This will allow you to get the API keys needed to authenticate with Symbl and start using our APIs.

2. How to get speech-to-text transcription from your conversations#

After you run execute the code above you should receive a Coversation ID (conversationId) in the response. A Conversation ID is the key to receiving conversational insights from any conversation. As an example, here's a simple API call which grabs the speech-to-text transcription from the conversation.

Grab speech-to-text transcription#

Remember to replace the conversationId in the API call with the Conversation ID you get from the previous API call.

curl "{conversationId}/messages" \
-H "x-api-key: $AUTH_TOKEN"

Example response#

"conversationId": "6690671572287488",
"jobId": "50c63f4f-8232-45d7-8ec5-5ad5d379f042"

3. Grabbing other conversational insights using Conversation API#

Here's more data you can grab with our Conversation API:

View conversation topics
Summary topics provide a quick overview of the key things that were talked about in the conversation.

View action items
An action item is a specific outcome recognized in the conversation that requires one or more people in the conversation to take a specific action, e.g. set up a meeting, share a file, complete a task, etc.

View follow-ups
This is a category of action items with a connotation to follow-up a request or a task like sending an email or making a phone call or booking an appointment or setting up a meeting.

Don't forget to sign up as a developer for Symbl to receive your API keys!