Media convertor

Currently this utility only supports one feature:

  • Transcode Audio file

This utility can be used as a library in your Node.js code. You can simply install it in your local project.

$ npm install symbl-media --save

Use the transcode command to transcode the file.

$ media transcode -i ./my-input-file.wav -o ./my-output-file.mp3 -f mp3

For more information please visit this.

You can quickly transcode an audio file using transcodeMediaFile method.

const {transcodeMediaFile} = require('symbl-media');
(async () => {
try {
const result = await transcodeMediaFile('./my-input-file.wav', 'my-output-file.mp3','mp3');
console.log('Successfully transcoded to: ', result.outPath);
} catch (e) {