12 April 2022

  • Availability of a new Web SDK that enables you to add Symbl’s Conversation Intelligence to your JavaScript application directly in the browser. For more information, see Symbl Web SDK.

Known Issues

  • When an empty array is passed for insightTypes on createConnection, users still get those insights available with ON handlers for questions, topics, action_items, follow_ups.
  • Web SDK does not show any errors when users do not pass or use or send invalid (v4 format) connectionID to subscribe to an existing stream.
  • If a user loses network connection for 30 to 40 seconds, the WebSocket connection does not recover and sends a noConnectionTimeout: 900 message.
  • If a second speaker joins an existing stream and passes the tracker object, the Streaming API only returns the trackers that were passed by the original speaker.
  • If the WebSocket Connection breaks and a user switches network from wifi to mobile hotspot, the connection does not recover.
  • Web SDK does not handle Safari browser seamlessly.
  • The session_modified event is not supported.
  • Update Element is working for Linear16 but not for OPUS.