13 Feb 2024

  • Subscribe API Enhancements

    • A new event subscription_started is added to subscribe API when a subscription to a real-time conversation or stream is successfully initiated. The subscription_started event returns a conversation ID. Developers do not have to map the connection ID and conversation ID with this new event. For more information, see the Subscription Started Response Object docs

05 Feb 2024

  • Go-SDK release

    • The Symbl.ai Go SDK provides a convenient method to connect Symbl.ai conversation intelligence from applications written in Go. A prescribed or opinionated set of interfaces, classes, and functions help you quickly bootstrap to using the Symbl.ai platform.
    • With Symbl.ai Go SDK, you can connect with our Streaming API (WebSocket enabled), Async API, Management APIs, and generate transcripts, conversation intelligence such as trackers, topics, action-items, entities, etc., and applied AI intelligence such as call scores and insights UI. For more information, see the Go SDK docs

19 January 2024

  • Redaction for All Conversation APIs release

    • The Redaction feature for all Conversation APIs, enhancing privacy and security in our services. This feature allows users to automatically redact sensitive information from conversation insights such as formatted transcripts, summaries, trackers, bookmarks, and more. Users can apply redaction on-demand with the redact=true parameter in API requests or set it as a default in their user settings, ensuring a flexible and secure conversational experience. For more information, see the Apply redaction to conversation APIs.

30 August 2023

  • Nebula Embedding API release

    • The Embedding API uses the Nebula embedding model to create vector embeddings from conversations or text data. Nebula's embedding model is optimized for calculating vector representations of conversation text (transcripts, emails, chats, etc.) while supporting the non-conversation text (documents, articles, etc.). For more information, see the Embedding API overview.

16 August 2023

  • Nebula performance improvements

    • The overall performance of Nebula has increased by +9% (R2), which improves its capability to generate more cohesive and insightful responses.
    • Nebula can now process up to 8K tokens allowing it to process longer conversations.

20 July 2023

  • Nebula Playground release

    • Test the Nebula large language model without writing any code using built-in or custom transcripts and prompts.

19 July 2023

  • Call Score release

  • The Call Score API enables you to assess conversation quality and participant performance at scale. It provides a numerical score for each conversation, making it easier for business leaders to identify and compare relevant conversations.
  • Insights UI release

  • The Insights UI is a pre-built user interface that enables users to present conversation insights in an easy-to-read and scannable format. Insights UI is designed to display summarized information and insights derived from conversations, such as sales calls or general calls.

14 July 2023

  • Nebula LLM release

  • Nebula is a large language model (LLM) built by Symbl.ai. It is trained to perform various generative tasks on human conversations. You can interact with Nebula using the Model Playground or the Model API. The Playground allows you to test the model with various conversations and tasks without writing code. The Model API enables you to interact with the model programmatically.

29 June 2023

  • Sales Intelligence release

  • Symbl.ai Sales Intelligence provides a fully programmable, context-aware sales coaching experience for sales and revenue operations leaders to immediately improve sales results.
    • Delivers unbiased coaching on sales representative performance during customer and prospect conversations with call scores instantly populated into the CRM system.
    • Includes call scores to measure performance across key aspects of the conversation, including communications and engagement, questions answered, forward motion of the call, and sales process adherence.
    • Provides contextual sales conversation insights by auto-generating executive summaries, key questions, objections, and next steps.
    • For more information, see the Sales Intelligence Overview.

23 June 2023

  • Billing page improvements

  • Symbl.ai improved the Billing page experience with new self-service options and updated design.
  • From the new Symbl.ai Platform Billing page you can:
    • Easily view usage for Voice API and Text API channels.
    • Learn about upgrade options and choose the best plan for your needs.
    • Add and edit credit card information.
    • View payment history.