26 May 2022

  • Web SDK new release: Version 1.0.4 of the Symbl Web SDK is now available.

    • Added extra validation to startProcessing arguments.
    • Check if WebSocket is connected when making a modifySampleRate call. If not, throw a NoConnectionError.
    • Added reconnection support. If reconnectOnError is set to true in the SymblConfig, Web SDK attempts to reconnect after a break in connection. A break in connection is determined after thirty (30) seconds of not receiving any expected data from the WebSocket.
    • Added logLevel to SymblConfig.
    • Added separate methods to handle <video> and <audio> elements in audiostreams. Web SDK now has attachAudioSourceElement, detachAudioSourceElement, updateAudioSourceElement, attachVideoSourceElement, detachVideoSourceElement, and updateVideoSourceElement. Previous versions allowed either <video> or <audio> elements to be passed into the same attachAudioSourceElement, but going forward only the new separate corresponding methods may be used depending on element type.
    • Added getConversationId() to StreamingAPIConnection and SubscribeAPIConnection. These will only be populated after the conversation_created event has been fired. For more information on the conversation_created event, see Events and Callbacks.
    • Added a Conversation object which can also be used to get the conversation ID. This object is attached to StreamingAPIConnection and SubscribeAPIConnection as connection.conversation. Going forward, the Conversation object will integrate with Conversation APIs.

Known Issues:

  • If disconnectOnStopRequest is missing or false, once stopProcessing is called an error message will appear repeatedly warning that the websocket cannot send data.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected typos in some of the TypeScript types for Topics.