12 April 2022

  • Availability of a new Web SDK that enables you to add Symbl’s Conversation Intelligence to your JavaScript application directly in the browser. For more information, see Symbl Web SDK.

14 March 2022

  • Enabling All Trackers with Streaming API: Streaming API now supports enabling all the Trackers associated with an account. Read more here.

8 Feb 2022

  • Trackers Limit Increase: Increased Tracker creation limit to 500 per account.
  • Summarization Alpha Release: Summary API is now available in the Alpha release phase.
  • Relative timestamp for Messages API (LABS):
    Added support for the parameters timeOffset and duration the Messages API. Read more here.
  • Nomenclature Change: Change of name for the parameter customVocabulary for Topics API to customTopicVocabulary. Backward compatibility available.

31 Jan 2022

  • Trackers Management UI: You can create, view, edit, and delete Trackers via the Trackers Management UI. To access this feature, log in to Symbl Platform.

    Read more here.

13 Jan 2022

  • Streaming API Opus Support: Added support for Opus for Streaming API with 48000 Hz sample rate.
  • Streaming API parameters available in GA: Availability of the following Streaming API parameters from Labs to GA: noConnectionTimeout, disconnectOnStopRequest and disconnectOnStopRequestTimeout.

11 Jan 2022

  • Streaming API Logs: You can view the log details of all your Streaming API requests. To access this feature, log in to Symbl Platform.

    Read more here.

22 Oct 2021

  • Added support for generating Summary for only the new Transcripts of a Conversation

    Read more here.

14 Oct 2021

  • Added parameters to stop and start the Streaming API processing without disconnecting

    Availability of parameters with Streaming API for keeping the WebSocket connection connected while stopping processing and for overriding the idle time out.

    Read more here.

8 Oct 2021

4 Oct 2021

  • Availability of adding custom domain in the Summary UI URL.

    Read more here.