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Learn how to authenticate with and start using our APIs.

What is is a conversation intelligence platform. Conversation intelligence is a set of techniques that generate insights from conversations. Insights can include action items, bookmarks, questions, sentiment analysis, trackers, and more. You can use these insights to analyze, improve, and act on conversations at scale.

The APIs help you extract conversation insights and make the data actionable by your organization. For detailed information about how generates conversation intelligence, see Conversation Intelligence.

Get started

This page describes how to authenticate with and start making calls to our APIs. You can try the API Explorer and use the tutorials to generate conversation intelligence.

This page also introduces our Postman public workspace.

Sign up for

To use our APIs, sign up at the the platform. You can sign up with an email and password, or use your existing Google or Microsoft account.

Get your credentials

After you sign up and whenever you sign, you land on the platform home page. Your API credentials appear at the center of the page.

Use your API credentials to obtain access tokens. An access token is a critical part of your API requests.

Test your credentials

To test your credentials, use our Authentication API to generate an access token:

  1. From the platform, note your App ID and App Secret.

  2. In a new browser window, open the Generate token operation.

  3. In the appID and appSecret boxes of the Body Params section, paste in your App ID and App Secret.

    As you make changes, the code sample provided by the API reference is automatically updated.

  4. Under the code sample, click Try It.

    When you run the sample code, it generates an API POST request. If the request is successful, the operation returns a 200 success status and an access token.

Now that you can generate access tokens, you're able to process a conversation and generate conversation intelligence.

Before diving into the individual APIs, if you want to experience some of what offers, check out our API Explorer.

Try the API Explorer

The platform includes the API Explorer, a collection of interactive tutorials to let you experience's conversation intelligence features. The tutorials walk you through authenticating, processing a conversation, and generating various types of conversation intelligence.

No development experience is necessary, and you can generate conversation intelligence for your own conversations or try the sample conversations provided by

To learn more, see Try the API Explorer.

Try the Postman collection

Postman is a platform for building and using APIs. offers a Postman collection with a comprehensive set of API requests.

To learn more, see Get Started with Postman.

Find your solution

Once you're familiar with the platform and set up to use the APIs, you are ready to dive deeper into the developer guides. The Use cases and products page can help you find individual products and APIs based on many popular use cases.

What’s Next

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