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Action Items

An action item is a specific outcome recognized in the conversation that requires one or more people in the conversation to take a specific action like set up a meeting, share a file, complete a task, etc.

Essentially, it’s just a matter of ‘who has to do what, by when’. Here when is optional for detecting action items


  • "I will complete the presentation that needs to be presented to the management, by the end of today". Here, a person is committed to completing the presentation (task) by the end of the day.

  • "I will make sure that all the bugs are fixed before the start of the next Sprint". Here, the person is committed to fixing the relevant bugs in a time-bound manner.

  • "We can resize these little icons here and that would be a much better UI". Here, the person is proposing an idea that can potentially be taken up in the future, and which would be acted upon.

  • "I think we have to work on the other priority issues and then move on to this one." Here, the person thinks that other issues are to be worked on, which may be the final action item, depending on how the conversation progresses.

Key features of Action Item API#

  1. Recognition of the assignee and assignor of an action item when possible.

  2. Recognition of the date and time, if specified in the insight.

  3. Make use of the speaker context to enhance the quality of the insights. For example, if speaker events are passed i.e. if the algorithm knows which speaker is speaking, it'll change "I will defend the North till the end of the day" to "John Snow will defend the wall till the end of the day."

  4. Ability to accept the timezone to calculate the accurate date and time references. If timezone details are passed in Symbl APIs and the conversation participant says "I will defend the North till the end of the day", in action item response dueBy time will be shown like dueBy": "2020-02-10T07:00:00.000Z".

  5. Ability to control the confidence threshold for the insight. Confidence Threshold refers to a number between 0.0 - 1.0 where a decimal value closer to 1.0 means the detected phrase is an action item.

Where can I find Action Item APIs?#

To see Action Items API in action, you need to process a conversation using Symbl. After you process a meeting, you'll receive a Conversation ID which is passed in Action Item API. A Conversation ID is the key to receiving conversational insights from any conversation. As an example, here's a simple API call which grabs the detected action items from the conversation.

👉Action Items API

Grab action items#

Remember to replace the conversationId in the API call with the Conversation ID you get from the previous API call.

curl "{conversationId}/action-items" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $AUTH_TOKEN"