The ASR automatically applies punctuation, capitalization, and inverse text normalization to transcripts for improved readability.


  • Punctuation – Improve readability of transcripts by adding all discernible punctuation, including questions, pauses, and full stops.
  • Capitalization – In English (en-US and others) sentences and proper nouns begin with a capital letter. Acronyms are usually capitalized, such as ASAP and TBD. It is important for ASR transcripts to be correctly capitalized for accuracy, readability, and grammar. Correct capitalization also indicates that the system understands the language and the meaning of words in conversations.
  • Inverse text normalization (ITN) – Convert spoken numbers such as date and time, addresses, and currency amounts from words to numerical values. For example, “one thousand five-hundred” becomes 1,500 and “one hundred and twenty-five dollars” becomes $125.00.

Feature availability

Formatting is available for recorded (async) and real-time (streaming and telephony) conversations:

Inverse text normalization

View transcript

View the final transcript for any conversation using the Get messages operation.

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