Create trackers

This guide describes how to use the Management API Create Tracker and Create Multiple Trackers operations.

If you want to detect trackers in conversations, you need to create trackers as described here, or choose from the Managed Trackers Library.

All trackers in Your Trackers are identified when you process a conversation. Trackers are enabled by default for all conversations.


Before using this API, you must generate your authentication token (AUTH_TOKEN) as described in Authenticate.

Use cases

Trackers are flexible and can be applied in many use cases:

  • If you want to use a custom tracker, you need to create it before you can track it in async and streaming conversations.

  • If you want to track phrases not related to the existing managed trackers, you need to create the tracker and add your own phrases.

Create tracker

The API request to create a single tracker:


To make a request directly from the API Reference, see Create Tracker.

Create multiple trackers

Submit a request to create more than one tracker in a single operation.


To make a request from the API reference, see Create Trackers.