Insights UI

Insights UI is a feature within's Sales Intelligence package that provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of sales conversations. This pre-built, plug-and-play UI simplifies the process of documenting and examining interactions between sales representatives and prospects, streamlining pipeline management and strategy refinement.

Key Benefits

Insights UI significantly reduces the administrative load that sales teams typically face in documenting customer interactions. It offers a range of benefits such as:

  • Automated conversation documentation
  • Detailed analysis of interactions
  • Identification of next steps and objections
  • Sentiment analysis and call scoring

Use Cases

  • Understanding customer interactions and reactions.
  • Identifying trends in sales conversations.
  • Refining sales tactics based on data-driven insights.

Insights UI Features

  • Summary – Provide an overview of the key points of the sales conversation.
  • Next Steps – Identify tasks that are to be performed for both representative and prospect.
  • Sentiment Graph – Visualize the sentiment trajectory throughout the sales conversation.
  • Call Scores – Quantify the performance of the sales representative.
  • Question and Objection Handling – Understand how effectively questions and objections were addressed by the sales representative.

How Insights UI Works

There are multiple ways to leverage Call Scoring for your business.

Insights UI API – Use the Insights UI APIs to generate the List view and Details view pages. To access the Insights UI for a specific conversation, make an API call to the Insights UI API for a specific conversation which returns a URL. This URL provides a webpage with Insights UI features. To access the list page, make an API call to the Insights UI List API, which returns a URL. This URL provides a webpage with the list of all calls processed with Insights UI API for a specific conversation.

Note that the generated URLs do not expire and the list page content is updated based on the conversations added to the list.

Insights UI with CRM integration – Access the Insights UI for a specific conversation from your CRM by integrating your CRM with The URL associated with a specific conversation will be added to the CRM.

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