Call Score API

The Call Score API assesses conversation quality and participant performance at scale.

The Call Score API enables you to assess conversation quality and participant performance at scale. It provides a numerical score for each conversation, making it easier for business leaders to identify and compare relevant conversations. You also get a detailed breakdown of the score based on criteria suited for the type of conversation. Because the API is powered by generative AI, it offers clear and concise explanations for each criterion’s score, enabling participants to understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

You can access Call Score in the following ways:

  • API Integration: Use the Call Score API to retrieve call scores with your application. You can build your application interface to display the scores using the API’s responses. To use the API, see Get started.
  • API with pre-built UI: Use the Call Score API to generate call scores and leverage the pre-built Call Summary UI. This UI provides an out of the box interface to display scores along with other conversation insights such as summary, sentiment analysis, next steps, and Q&A. For more information, see the Call Summary UI .
  • CRM integration: Integrate your CRM with using the Sales Intelligence package. Push call scores directly to your CRM and use CRM analytics tools to generate reports based on call scores. For more information, see Sales Intelligence.

Use Cases

  • Sales Performance Assessment: Chief Revenue Officers and RevOps Managers can objectively evaluate their sales team's performance using Call Score. This eliminates the need to listen to recordings of sales calls.
  • Contact Center Quality Evaluation: Contact Center teams can assess the quality of all calls using Call Score. Supervisors and QA managers can automatically score each call without having to listen to recordings.
  • Positive Communication Culture: Enterprises can ensure employees maintain a polite, inclusive, and empathetic communication style during meetings with Call Score, promoting a positive communication culture.


Call Score API currently supports two types of conversations: sales and general. Each type has its own set of criteria for evaluation. When scoring calls, each criteria is given a score out of 100 based on a variety of parameters that uses to evaluate each criteria. The total score for the call is then calculated by averaging the score for all criteria.

Sales calls

  • Communication and engagement: Gauges the effectiveness of a sales representative's communication style and their ability to engage with the prospect. It considers aspects such as the setting agenda, creating alignment, active listening signals, and the ability to maintain a balanced conversation flow.
  • Question handling: Assesses the sales representative's ability to answer questions and handle objections from the prospect.
  • Sales process: Measures how well the sales representative adheres to the organization's sales process and protocols. It involves checking if the representative is following the BANT methodology in qualifying a prospect. This criteria only applies to sales calls in the Qualification sales stage.
  • Forward Motion: Evaluates the progression of the sales conversation towards a positive outcome, such as setting a follow-up meeting, securing a commitment, or closing a deal. It measures the representative's ability to move the conversation forward effectively and purposefully.

General calls

  • Communication and engagement style: Evaluates the conversation based on parameters such as politeness, empathy, and active listening.
  • Questions handling: Assesses the participants' ability to address questions effectively.