Next.js demo -

This document describes how to implement the Demo for Next.js.

JS sdk

For the source code, see for Next.js Demo | Conversation Intelligence empowers developers to implement:

  • Real-time analysis of free-flowing discussions to automatically surface highly relevant summary discussion topics, contextual insights, suggestive action items, follow-ups, decisions, and questions.

  • Voice APIs that make it easy to add AI-powered Conversational Intelligence to either Telephony API or Streaming API (WebSocket) interfaces.

  • Conversation APIs that provide a REST interface for managing and processing your conversation data.

  • Summary UI with a fully customizable and editable reference experience that indexes a searchable transcript and shows generated actionable insights, topics, timestamps, and speaker information.

Enable for Next.js Demo App

This is a Demo app showcasing capabilities using ReactJS, Typescript, and NextJS.


The first step is to sign up at Platform.


  1. Create a .env file in the root directory using the .env.sample as an example.

  2. Update the .env file with the following:

Install & Deploy

  1. Run yarn install or npm install.
  2. To run the app use yarn dev.
  3. Navigate to localhost:3000 to view the app.


Project Structure

  • pages In Next.js, a page is a React Component exported from a .js, .jsx, .ts, or .tsx file in the pages directory. Each page is associated with a route based on its file name. You can read more about how works with pages. Each tab in the application corresponds to the following pages subdirectories
    • pages/api => Phone Call
    • pages/audio => Phone(Client Only)
    • pages/conversations => Conversation data
    • pages/text => Text
    • pages/audio => Audio
    • pages/video => Video


This application offers options to explore the following Conversation Intelligence features.

  1. PSTN call implemented with the JS SDK featuring real time transcription and insights.

  2. PSTN call implemented with the Telephony API featuring real time transcription, insights, and React Elements.

  3. Processed conversation data accessed from the Conversations API featuring participants and insights.

  4. Async Text featuring React Elements, transcription, and insights.

  5. Async Audio featuring React Elements, transcription, and insights.

  6. Async Video featuring React Elements, transcription, and insights.


If you have any questions or comments, contact us at [email protected], through our Developer Slack, or Developer Community.

Source code available at for Next.js Demo |