Management API

The Management API enables you access and manage a number of resources in your account. The resources created and managed by this API are maintained at the account level.

While the Conversations API handles data associated with conversations, generated via the Streaming API or Async API, the Management API handles data you use to manage APIs.

Supported features

The Management API supports the following Conversation Intelligence features:

  • Custom Entities: Use custom entities to find exact matches of vocabulary that you provide. When a conversation is processed using the Async API or Streaming API, your custom entities will be identified if matches are found in the conversation. The Management API is used to create, get, update, and delete custom entities. For more information, see Entity Detection.

  • Trackers: When you process a conversation, Trackers are enabled by default. All Trackers in Your Trackers are detected. The Trackers algorithm finds exact matches and phrases with similar meaning. For more information, see Trackers.

  • Conversation Groups (Beta): You can create and manage conversations by logically grouping them by defining a criteria that suits your business need such as grouping based on speaker agent, company name, labels such as internal, external, sales, and so on. For more information, see Conversation Groups (Beta).

  • User Settings: User settings allow you to specify default values that can be used for the parameters of certain requests to the APIs. For more information, see User Settings.

Custom Entities

The following operations are supported for managing custom entities:

Create Custom EntityPOST v1/manage/entity/{entityId}
Create Custom EntitiesPOST /v1/manage/entities
Get Custom EntityGET /v1/manage/entity/{entityId}
Get Custom EntitiesGET /v1/manage/entities
Update Custom EntityPUT /v1/manage/entity/{entityId}
Delete Custom EntityDELETE /v1/manage/entity/{entityId}
Delete Custom Entity by SubtypeDELETE /v1/manage/entity?subType={subType}


You can quickly get started with Trackers on the Platform. Add and edit Managed Trackers using Trackers Management > Managed API Library. View and edit Trackers at Trackers Management > Your Trackers.

Trackers are detected by default when you process a conversation using the Async API or Streaming API. Then you can use the Conversations API to Detect Trackers in Conversations.

You can also use API operations to work directly with Trackers:

Conversation Groups (Beta)

The following operations are supported for managing Conversation Groups:

Create Conversation GroupPOST /v1/manage/group
Create Multiple Conversation GroupsPOST /v1/manage/groups
Get Conversation Group with IDGET /v1/manage/group/{groupId}
Get All Conversation GroupsGET /v1/manage/groups
Update Conversation GroupPUT /v1/manage/group/{groupId}
Delete GroupDELETE /v1/manage/group/{groupId}

User Settings

The following operations are supported for managing user settings:

Get SettingsGET v1/manage/settings
Update SettingsPATCH v1/manage/settings

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