Management API (Beta)


In Beta

This feature is in Beta. If you have questions or comments, email [email protected].

The Management API lets you access and manage a number of resources in your Symbl account. The resources created and managed by this API are maintained at the account level.

While the Conversations API is used for managing the data associated with the conversations (generated via the real-time or Async APIs), the Management API is used for managing the data consumed via Symbl’s APIs.

Supported features

The following conversation intelligence features are supported by the Management API:

  • Trackers: Trackers allow you to get “contextually similar” occurrences in a conversation so you can identify emerging trends and gauge the nature of the interactions. Read about Trackers and its capabilities, in Trackers.

  • Conversation Groups: You can create and manage conversations by logically grouping them by defining a criteria that suits your business need such as grouping based on speaker agent, company name, labels such as internal, external, sales, and so on. Read more in Conversation Groups (Beta).

Tracker Management APIs

The following API operations are supported for managing Trackers:


Trackers Management UI

You can create, view, edit and delete Trackers via the Trackers Management UI as well. To access this feature, log in to the Symbl Platform.

Conversation Groups Management API

The following operations are supported for managing Conversation Groups:

Create Conversation GroupPOST /v1/manage/group
Create Multiple Conversation GroupsPOST /v1/manage/groups
Get Conversation Group with IDGET /v1/manage/group/{groupId}
Get All Conversation GroupsGET /v1/manage/groups
Update Conversation GroupPUT /v1/manage/group/{groupId}
Delete GroupDELETE /v1/manage/group/{groupId}

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