Highlight and summarize key moments from conversations. Quickly get to bookmarked moments of a conversation and share them with others.

You can also generate summaries for one or more bookmarks in a conversation, providing a quick way to understand the content of individual portions of a conversation.

Bookmarks use cases

Bookmarks can be used in a variety of ways:

  • For sales representatives, quickly capture the Aha! moments of a conversation. Examples include when a prospect mentions a use case, a competitor's product or service, or reacts to a demo. You can provide summaries and links for these moments to other people in the same sales funnel.
  • Drive call coaching by marking the important moments of successful sales calls. Follow up with analysis to help improve future interactions with prospects.
  • Customer support agents might not remember every relevant moment in a conversation. You can improve customer support calls by bookmarking the important moments and sharing them with managers, product teams, and support teams. This can help focus the customer support team on new sales opportunities, enhancements, and product or service concerns.
  • Interviews can be lengthy and detailed. To efficiently keep a record of important points, interviewers can bookmark them during the call. Then you can share these bookmarks with other interviewers and the hiring manager.

Feature availability

Bookmarks can be applied to recorded conversations processed using the Async API, or created during the course of a conversation using the Streaming API. Bookmarks are not available for telephony.


Managing bookmarks

You can use bookmarks in async and streaming conversations. Some operations are only available as async requests based on the nature of the operation.

Async bookmark operations

Streaming bookmark operations

Next steps

The following pages describe the operations you can perform with bookmarks: