The Bookmarks feature provides a convenient way to highlight and summarize critical points in a conversation. For the same reason you place a bookmark in a book or share a YouTube video that starts at a specific point, bookmarks let you quickly get to key moments of a conversation and share those moments with others.

You can also generate summaries for one or more bookmarks in a conversation, providing a quick way to understand the content of individual portions of a conversation.

Bookmarks can be applied to recorded conversations processed using the Async API, or created during the course of a conversation using the Streaming API.

Bookmarks use cases

Bookmarks can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Recruiters and interviewers: Mark critical moments of an interview with a job candidate, such as answers of interest or concern. Share summaries of the answers to questions with the hiring manager.
  • Sales representatives and call coaching: Capture the Aha! moments of a conversation, such as when a prospect mentions a use case, a competitor product or service, or reactions to a demo. Summaries and links to key moments can be shared with other individuals who drive the sales funnel. The moments can also be followed up on to analyze and help improve future interactions with prospects.
  • Customer experience and support: Share relevant moments of a customer conversation with managers, product teams, or support teams. Proactively drive the attention of customer-involved individuals to new sales opportunities, enhancements, and product or service concerns.

What’s next?

The following pages describe the operations you can perform with bookmarks: