Custom trackers

A custom tracker is a set of keywords and phrases that you define and save. You provide the name, category, description, languages, and phrases.

Creating a custom tracker

When you save a new tracker, it appears in Your Trackers. This is the library of all the Trackers you added or created.

Get started at Your Trackers.

Your TrackersYour Trackers

Your Trackers

Select Create Custom Tracker.

Enter a Tracker name and optional description. You can choose from the list of categories or enter a new category. Choose at least one language. Enter any number of phrases. You can improve results by entering more phrases.

Click Create to add the Custom Tracker to your library.


Your Trackers

If the system finds similar Trackers while you are entering information, it displays them to the right under Symbl recommendations.

Writing custom trackers phrases

When writing Custom Trackers, choose phrases over single keywords. Enter five or more phrases per Custom Tracker.

Try to pack each phrase with keywords. For example, the phrase “subscription fees” is a good practice because both “subscription” and “fees” are keywords.

Try not to add empty words that don't contribute to the meaning. For example, using “Could you please kindly inform me about your subscription fees?” is not a good Trackers phrase. It is too long, and only the last two words contain useful information: “subscription fees”.

Avoid longer sentences, because they might increase the time it takes to detect trackers and can result in false negatives.

Do not use contradicting ideas in a single phrase, or in two separate phrases in the same Tracker. For example, “I used to like chocolate, but not anymore” contains two contradicting ideas. Also, the phrases "I used to like chocolate" and "I don't like chocolate" work against each other if used in the same Tracker.


You can use most punctuation in Trackers phrases.

The following special characters are not allowed.

( )Parentheses
[ ]Square Brackets

If the system encounters one of these special characters, it returns the error message:

Special characters are not allowed in vocabulary. Please refer to Symbl docs for more information.

Next steps

  • Recommendations are new Trackers that suggests to you based on conversations you have processed in the last 30 days.

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