Nebula LLM

Nebula is a Large Language Model (LLM) specialized in understanding human conversations


Nebula is currently in private beta.

To request access, see sign up form.

Nebula is a large language model (LLM) built by It is trained to perform generative tasks on human conversations. Nebula excels at modeling the nuanced details of a conversation and performing tasks on the conversation.

Nebula is available as a chat model that enables users to have a multi-turn conversation with the model/assistant. You can interact with Nebula using the Playground and the API. The Playground allows you to test the model without writing code, while the API enables you to interact with the model programmatically.

Use cases

You can use Nebula for various use cases:

  • Analyze conversations: Leverage Nebula to analyze single or multiple conversations, extracting valuable insights and identifying trends within the conversation data. This encompasses tasks such as summarizing conversations, analyzing sentiment, extracting action items or next steps, identifying customer issues, and more.
  • AI Copilot / Real Time Assist: Employ Nebula as an AI copilot or real-time assistant to provide support during conversations. It can assist users by suggesting responses, ensuring compliance, retrieving relevant information from knowledge bases, or guiding the conversation based on predefined agendas. For instance, in sales, Nebula can aid in generating appropriate responses to handle objections and customer queries, thereby reducing the sales cycle length. In customer support, it can suggest troubleshooting steps to agents, effectively reducing the average handling time (AHT) on calls.
  • Assess performance / Call Scoring: Nebula excels in analyzing conversations and evaluating various performance metrics such as communication effectiveness, adherence to scripts or organizational guidelines/processes, question-handling abilities, and overall performance benchmarks.
  • Automate lead generation: Use Nebula to build chatbots or voice bots that automatically pose relevant questions to leads, qualifying them based on key indicators such as interest level, purchasing intent, or specific requirements.
  • Automate customer support: Use Nebula to build chatbots or voice bots for automating L1 customer support tasks, including answering frequently asked questions, providing troubleshooting guidance, or escalating issues to human agents when necessary.

Get Started

To get started, make sure you have access to Nebula. To request access, see sign up form.

Once you have access, you can launch the Nebula playground here.

Next Steps