Closed captions

Use ASR to generate closed captions for your recorded audio and video conversations. We support SRT format for closed captions.

Use cases

Use closed captions to meet a number of use cases, including:

  • Enable customers to read the text of audio or video recordings when they are unable to hear the content.
  • Provide SEO readable text to search engines which cannot index audio and video content.
  • Meet compliance standards such as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), FCC rules for Telecommunications Access for People with Disabilities, GSA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508 requirements.

Feature availability

Closed captions are available for recorded (async) conversations:

Closed captions✓ (SRT)

Generating closed captions

Closed captions match the words in audio or video files with a high degree of accuracy. You can get standard closed caption format SubRip Subtitle (SRT) using the Create formatted transcript operation.

Next steps