Update trackers

This guide describes how to use the Management API Update Tracker operation to change tracker properties by providing the tracker ID, operation, path, and value. You can replace, update, or remove values for individual properties, without updating the rest of the tracker.


Before using this API, you must generate your authentication token (AUTH_TOKEN) as described in Authenticate.

Use cases

Some reasons to update trackers include:

  • You need to change the name of one of your custom trackers. Use this operation to replace the name rather than delete and recreate the tracker from scratch.
  • Some related phrases that are not being detected by one of your custom trackers. You can add vocabulary phrases to improve the existing tracker.
  • One of your custom trackers is listed in too many categories. You can use the remove operation to delete one of the categories.

Tracker properties

Use this operation to change the following tracker properties. This list includes sample values where you need to supply your own content.

  • To rename a tracker as "Online Website Support", use the parameters op: replace, path: /name and value: Online Website Support.

  • To add a vocabulary phrase "Website is not loading" to a tracker, use the parameters op: add, path: /vocabulary, and value: Website is not loading.

  • To remove English language from a tracker, use the parameters op: remove, path: /languages, and value: en-US.

  • To remove the assigned category "General" from a tracker, use the parameters op: remove, path: /categories, and value: General.

Update trackers

Use this request to replace, update, or remove the values for individual properties without updating other properties of the tracker.

The API request to update a tracker:

PATCH https://api.symbl.ai/v1/manage/trackers/{trackerId}

To make a request from the API reference, see Update Tracker.