Formatted transcript offers customizable transcription formatting via the conversations API Create formatted transcript operation.

Once you have a conversation ID, you can generate a formatted transcript in Markdown or SubRip Subtitle (SRT) format. You can also refine the output using optional parameters for paragraphs, phrases, and speaker separation.

Follow these high-level steps create a formatted transcript:

  1. Process a conversation to get a conversation ID.
  2. Submit the conversation ID in a Create formatted transcript request.

Note that you can get a basic transcript of all messages in a conversation using the Get messages operation as described in Speech-to-text.


This request requires an access token, as described in Authenticate.

Create formatted transcripts

This section describes how to create formatted transcripts from a conversation. You need a conversation ID from a previously processed conversation.

To get a formatted transcript, use the following operation:


To complete this request from the API reference, see Create formatted transcript.