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Sentiment API- Analysing Texts in Real-time (Beta)

In Beta Phase

This feature is in the Beta phase. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions please reach out to us atย

Sentiment Analysis is the interpretation of the general thought, feeling, or sense of an object or a situation.

Symbl's Sentiment API works over Speech-to-Text sentences and Topics (or aspect).

Sentiment API#

To see Sentiment API in action, you need to process a conversation using Symbl. After you process a conversation, you'll receive a conversation Id which can be passed in below-mentioned Conversation APIs. All you need to do is pass query parameters sentiment=true.


Each continuous sentence spoken by a speaker in conversation is referred to as a Message. Hence ,we named our Speech to Text API as Messages API. Messages API returns you a list of messages in a conversation.

๐Ÿ‘‰Messages API#


For topic level, the sentiment is calculated over the topic messages scope i.e. it factors in the sentiment of messages where the topic was talked about.

๐Ÿ‘‰Topics API#

API Response#

"messages": [
"id": "6412283618000896",
"text": "Best package for you is $69.99 per month.",
"from": {
"name": "Roger",
"email": ""
"startTime": "2020-07-10T11:16:21.024Z",
"endTime": "2020-07-10T11:16:26.724Z",
"conversationId": "6749556955938816",
"phrases": [
"type": "action_phrase",
"text": "$69.99 per month"
"sentiment": {
"polarity": {
"score": 0.6
} ]


polarityShows the intensity of the sentiment. It ranges from -1.0 to 1.0, where -1.0 is the most negative sentiment and 1.0 is the most positive sentiment.
suggesteddisplay suggested sentiment type (negative, neutral and positive).

suggested object#


We have chosen the below polarity ranges wrt sentiment type which covers a wide range of conversations. Polarity Sentiment may vary for your use case. We recommend that you define a threshold that works for you, and then adjust the threshold after testing and verifying the results.

polaritySuggested Sentiment
-1.0 => x > -0.3negative
-0.3 => x <= 0.3neutral
0.3 > x <= 1.0positive