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Sentiment Analysis (Beta)

Sentiment analysis is the interpretation of the general thought, feeling, or sense of an object or a situation.

Symbl's Sentiment API works over Speech to Text sentences and Topics (or aspect) level.

Where can I find Sentiment API?#

To see Sentiment API in action, you need to process a conversation using Symbl. After you process a conversation, you'll receive a conversation Id which can be passed in below-mentioned Conversation APIs. All you need to do is pass query parameters sentiment=true.


Each continuous sentence spoken by a speaker in conversation is referred to as a Message. Hence ,we named our Speech to Text API as Messages API. Messages API returns you a list of messages in a conversation.

👉Messages API#


For topic level, the sentiment is calculated over the topic messages scope i.e. it factors in the sentiment of messages where the topic was talked about.

👉Topics API#

API Response#

"messages": [
"id": "6412283618000896",
"text": "Best package for you is $69.99 per month.",
"from": {
"name": "Roger",
"email": ""
"startTime": "2020-07-10T11:16:21.024Z",
"endTime": "2020-07-10T11:16:26.724Z",
"conversationId": "6749556955938816",
"phrases": [
"type": "action_phrase",
"text": "$69.99 per month"
"sentiment": {
"polarity": {
"score": 0.6
} ]


polarityShows the intensity of the sentiment. It ranges from -1.0 to 1.0, where -1.0 is the most negative sentiment and 1.0 is the most positive sentiment.
suggesteddisplay suggested sentiment type (negative, neutral and positive).

suggested object#


We have chosen the below polarity ranges wrt sentiment type which covers a wide range of conversations. Polarity Sentiment may vary for your use case. We recommend that you define a threshold that works for you, and then adjust the threshold after testing and verifying the results.

polaritySuggested Sentiment
-1.0 => x > -0.3negative
-0.3 => x <= 0.3neutral
0.3 < x <= 1.0positive