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Summarization (Beta)

In Beta

This feature is in Beta. If you have questions or comments, email

Symbl distills important messages and creates succinct Summaries for long conversations. You can get these Summaries using the Summary API.

Summaries help you save time by analyzing the contents of a conversation that might have several pages of transcripts.


Real-time Summaries are not currently supported.


The following sample is a multi-line transcript and its corresponding Summary created by the Summary API:

Recorded Transcript and Summary created by the API

The Summary API generates high-quality Summaries for longer meetings. Current best practice is to use the Summary API for longer meetings.

If the number of words in a conversation is below 50 or the number of sentences below 3, the Summary is not created.

Where can I find the Summary API?

You can enable the Summary API for Async APIs using the following endpoints:

APISummary Endpoint
Async Text API (POST/PUT)
Async Audio API (POST/PUT)
Async Audio URL API (POST/PUT)
Async Video API (POST/PUT)
Async Video URL API (POST/PUT)

When one of the preceding API jobs is complete, the corresponding Summary can be obtained by sending a GET request to the Summary API. See the Summary API Documentation.