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GET Entities


This is a Beta API - Undergoing further development. If you have any suggestions, idea or questions about this API please reach us at

This API provides you with a functionality to extract entities(custom, location, person, date, number, organization,datetime,daterange, etc ) from the conversation.

Detecting Entities#

In order to detect entities in conversation we have introduced new parameter for the Async API named detectEntities which is set to false by default.

For the Async Audio File and the Async Video File endpoints, detectEntities is a query parameter, e.g. For the other APIs it's passed in the JSON Request Body.

HTTP Request#


Example API Call#


Before using the Conversation API you must get the authentication token (AUTH_TOKEN) from our authentication process.

curl "$CONVERSATION_ID/entities" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $AUTH_TOKEN"


"type": "custom",
"customType": "Company Executives",
"value": "marketing director",
"text": "marketing director",
"messageRefs": [
"id": "5118221462011904",
"text": "The marketing director is out-of-town due to some work.",
"offset": 4


  • In Async Text custom entities needs to be passed in API body.

  • In Async Audio/Async Video API needs to be passed in Query Parameter.

Response Object#

typeDefines the type of entity present.
valueThe value of entity.
textThe text string matched by the algorithm.
messageRefsContains message references like id, text and offset of entity in message.
customTypeOptional. Show the custom entity type which was defined.