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Tuning your Summary Page

You can choose to tune your Summary Page with query parameters in order to play with different configurations and see how the results look.

Query Parameters#

You can configure the summary page by passing in the configuration through query parameters in the summary page URL that gets generated at the end of your meeting. See the end of the URL in this example:

Query ParameterDefault ValueSupported ValuesDescription
insights.minScore0.80.5 to 1.0Minimum score that the summary page should use to render the insights
insights.enableAssigneefalse[true, false]Enable to disable rending of the assignee and due date of the insight
insights.enableAddToCalendarSuggestiontrue[true, false]Enable to disable add to calendar suggestion when applicable on insights
insights.enableInsightTitletrue[true, false]Enable or disable the title of an insight. The title indicates the originating person of the insight and if assignee of the insight.
topics.enabledtrue[true, false]Enable or disable the summary topics in the summary page
topics.orderBy'score'['score', 'position']Ordering of the topics. score - order topics by the topic importance score. Position - order the topics by the position in the transcript they surfaced for the first time