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User Engagement Analytics

You can track your user’s interaction on the Summary UI and view analytics on what your users are clicking on and how they are engaging with the interface.

After enabling the user-engagement analytics for Summary UI, you can log into your Segment- analytics platform account and view event logs fired from the Summary URLs.

To get the user engagement data, follow the steps given below:

   Step 1: Add a Source in the Segment

   Step 2: Register your “Segment Key” in Symbl Platform

   Step 3: View analytics on your Segment account


The Segment data will only be available for the summary URLs that have been generated after the “Segment Key” has been registered. There will not be any analytics data available for the previously generated links.

1. Add a Source in Segment#

The very first step is to add a Source for the Summary URL in the Segment application.

To add a source in Segment,

  1. Log in to your Segment ( account.
  2. Go to Sources and click Add Source.
  3. Select JavaScript website from the source catalog page.
  4. Click Add Source once again
  5. Enter the Name and Labels, as required.
  6. Click Add Source.



When a new Source is created, Segment generates a unique key. This is a unique identifier that is used to track the analytics data for the Summary URL. We call this the Segment Key.

  1. Go to Settings tab > API Keys
  2. Copy the Write Key.


The Write Key is what you will register with Symbl in the next step.

2. Register your Segment Key with Symbl#

To register your Segment key,

  1. Log into Symbl Platform (,
  2. Go to Pre-Built UI > Add Tracking Code.
  3. Enter the Segment Key you got from the above-mentioned step.
  4. Click Add Key.


3. View Analytics on Segment#

You can now log into your Segment app and view user activities in all of the Summary URLs that are tied to your Symbl account.