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Telephony API Tutorial- Introduction

Based on PSTN and SIP protocols, the Telephony API provides an interface for the developers to have Symbl bridge/join VoIP calls and get the results back in real-time as well. Optionally, you can also trigger an email at the end of the conversation containing the URL to view the transcription, insights and topics in a single page Web Application.


We have prepared a list of tutorials to help you understand how to use Symbl's Telephony API

Code Snippets#

We have provided a list of code snippets to help you get started on your journey with the Symbl Telephony API

Symbl Javascript SDK#

The Programmable Javascript SDK allows you to add Conversational Intelligence directly into your web applications and meeting platforms. With the Javascript SDK, you can generate intelligent insights such as action items, topics and questions.

Learn more about Symbl's Javascript SDK

API Reference#

The Telephony API allows you to easily use Symbl's Language Insights capabilities. It exposes the functionality of Symbl to dial into the conference. Supported endpoints are given below. Additionally, events can be passed for further processing:


The concepts sections explain various keywords you might find when looking through the Telephony API documentation:

Termination due to elongated silence

If the meeting is silent for more than 30 minutes, it will be automatically terminated. The charges towards the silent minutes apply.