Managed trackers library

The Managed Trackers Library is a set of trackers that has curated and tested in real-world situations such as Sales, Contact Center, and Recruiting conversations. The library also includes general trackers that you can use for any conversation.

You can use trackers in the Managed Trackers Library out-of-the-box, or customize them by adding your own vocabulary.

We created the Managed Trackers Library by analyzing thousands of use-case specific conversations and benchmarked each one for accuracy and precision. We are continuously testing and improving managed trackers based on your feedback and recently processed conversations.

You can choose from forty Managed Trackers in four categories.

CategoryManaged Trackers
Contact CenterSymbl.Alternatives, Symbl.Assurance, Symbl.Call_Purpose, Symbl.Callback, Symbl.Cancellations, Symbl.Explore_Further_Issues, Symbl.Personal_Identification, Symbl.Promotion_Mention, Symbl.Reconfirmation, Symbl.Repeat_Inquiry, Symbl.Sales_Question, Symbl.Technical_Difficulties, Symbl.Wait_Disclaimer
SalesSymbl.Budget, Symbl.Lead_Source, Symbl.Pain_Points, Symbl.Positive_Feedback, Symbl.Pricing, Symbl.Revisit, Symbl.Timeline, Symbl.Upsell_Opportunity, Symbl.Use_Case_Discussion, Symbl.Virtual_Demonstration, Symbl.Voicemail
GeneralSymbl.Apathy, Symbl.Dissatisfaction, Symbl.Empathy, Symbl.Excitement, Symbl.Greetings, Symbl.Goodbyes, Symbl.Introductions, Symbl.Politeness, Symbl.Recording_Disclaimer, Symbl.Small_Talk
RecruitmentSymbl.Allow_Candidate_Questions, Symbl.Compensation, Symbl.Proficiencies, Symbl.Red_Flags,

For a detailed description of each managed tracker, see the Managed trackers glossary.

Adding and Customizing Managed Trackers

To choose from managed trackers in the curated library, see Managed trackers library.

Managed Trackers Library

Managed Trackers Library

From the library you can select all Trackers, filter by Category, and show / hide Trackers you are already using.

When you select a Managed Tracker, the system prompts you to Customize or Add to Your Trackers. If you customize a Managed Tracker, you can only add phrases.

Customizing a Managed Tracker is an easier way to add phrases than creating an entirely new Tracker.

For example, if the Managed Tracker Symbl.Alternatives is not detecting the phrases "what if we", and "have you tried", which appear from time to time in your conversations, you can add these phrases.


Customize Tracker

When you are done adding phrases, select + Add to Your Trackers.

Next Steps

  • Custom trackers enable you to create entirely new Trackers from scratch.
  • Recommendations are new Trackers that suggests to you based on conversations you have processed in the last 30 days.