Detect trackers in streaming conversations

For streaming conversations, uses the WebSocket protocol to process audio and provide conversation intelligence in real time. When you process a streaming conversation, all the Trackers in Your Trackers are automatically detected.

Before processing a streaming conversation, select one or more Trackers from the Managed Trackers Library or create your own Custom Trackers.

There are a few different methods of setting up your streaming conversations. For more information, see Streaming API.

After a streaming conversation ends and processing is complete, you can detect trackers using the Conversations API Get Conversation operation.

If you have Interim Results enabled, as shown in the following sample code, you can also detect Trackers during the conversation using the Conversations API Get Conversation operation.

Request body sample code

    "type": "start_request",
    "insightTypes": [
    "config": {
      "confidenceThreshold": 0.9,
      "speechRecognition": {
        "encoding": "LINEAR16",
        "sampleRateHertz": 44100
      "meetingTitle": "Client Meeting",
      "trackers": {
        "enableAllTrackers": true, // default is true
        "interimResults": true // default is false
    "speaker": {
      "userId": "[email protected]",
      "name": "Jane"

Disable trackers

Trackers are enabled by default for all conversations. If you need to disable Trackers, change "enableAllTrackers": true to "enableAllTrackers": false in the preceding example.

Interim results

Interim results are disabled by default. In the preceding example, interim results are enabled. If you need to disable interim results, change "interimResults": true to "interimResults": false.


    "type": "tracker_response",
    "trackers": [
        "id": "4476908732794496",
        "name": "Documents",
        "matches": [
            "value": "Documents",
            "messageRefs": [
                "id": "53867534-0459-4d22-b590-984ee82166aa",
                "text": "Anyways, so I will submit documents tomorrow.",
                "offset": 26
                "id": "4d20d90c-50a7-4594-bb10-2995dcd4bbd1",
                "text": "I will submit documents tomorrow.",
                "offset": 14
            "insightRefs": []

Response fields

The following fields are returned in the response body.

typeThe type of response, for Trackers the value is always tracker_response.
trackersEach detected Tracker is included with id, name, and matches.
idThe unique identifying integer for the Tracker.
nameThe name of the Tracker.
matchesMatches have a value corresponding to the Tracker name, followed by messageRefs and insightRefs.
messageRefsIdentifying information for the detected message, including the id, text, and offset.
insightRefsAny insights generated by the detected Tracker instance.