Update user settings

This page describes how to update the user settings for your account using the Management API.

This request uses RFC 6902 patch operations to update user settings. The specific operations that are supported depend on the settings you are updating. The supported operations are described in this documentation.

For more information about user settings, see User Settings.

User Settings - Management API

This section provides a basic example of how to update the user settings for your account using the Management API.

The request must include one or more operations. You can specify a different path for each operation, allowing you to update multiple settings at the same time.


These requests require an access token, as described in Authenticate.

Update user settings

To update user settings with the Management API, use the PATCH <https://api.symbl.ai/v1/manage/settings> operation.

import fetch from 'node-fetch';

const accessToken = '<ACCESS_TOKEN>';
const settings = [
    "op": "<OPERATION>",
    "path": "<PATH>",
    "value": "<VALUE>"
    "op": "<OPERATION>",
    "path": "<PATH>",
    "value": "<VALUE>"

const fetchResponse = await fetch(`https://api.symbl.ai/v1/manage/settings`, {
  method: patch,
  body: JSON.stringify(settings),
  headers: {
    'Authorization': `Bearer ${accessToken}`,
    'Content-Type': 'application/json'

const responseBody = await fetchResponse.json();



  • <ACCESS_TOKEN> is a valid API access token.
  • <OPERATION> is a valid RFC 6902 operation for the setting that you want to update. Usually this value is add, replace, or remove.
  • <PATH> is the path that represents the setting that you want to update. For example, the path for the bookmark duration setting is /intelligence/bookmarks/duration.
  • <VALUE> is the new value for the setting. The format and data type of the value depend on the setting you are updating.
  • ... indicates that the object can be repeated multiple times.

For additional details about the request body parameters for this request, see Request body parameters.

Request body parameters

The following table describes the body parameters that can be used with this request.

opYesShort label for a bookmark. Can be the same value as other bookmarks.
pathYesThe setting that you want to update. For example, /intelligence/bookmarks/duration targets the operation at the duration setting for bookmarks.
valueYesThe value for the setting.


The following table describes the response body that is returned by this request.

intelligenceContains settings objects for Symbl.ai’s Conversation Intelligence features.
intelligence.bookmarksContains settings for the Bookmarks feature.
intelligence.bookmarks.durationIn seconds, the default duration for a bookmark.

Example response

  "intelligence": {
    "bookmarks": {
      "duration": 30

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